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Westech Security Service, Inc., a private (MBE) executive security firm with headquarters in New York City, was founded in 1987 by its Chief Executive Officer, R. W. Mayo upon his departure from service with The State of New York (Special Assistant to Gov. Nelson A. Rockerfeller, Heads of State Detail), NYPD (PO), and Director of Security of two New York City base firms servicing the investigation and security needs of the Aviation, Multi-Dwelling Housing and Corporate communities. The firm's extensive security experience provides a full spectrum of service to meet the security needs of our clients business. Our combining of diverse skills and experience allows us to offer a varied clientele superior services. We specialize in packaging the best available talent, materials and technology in all functional areas, with each element complementing the others to provide the best and most cost-effective program, service or end product. Westech Security Service , Inc. serves as the initial point of contact for customers and clients to avail themselves of the products and services being offered. In addition, we maintain an active computer-based repository of screened and qualified individuals who are available to rapidly augment our existing workforce for long-term programs, or one-time special projects. Through judicious selection of our corporate staff, affiliation with outstanding manufacturers, sub-Contractors, consultants and joint venture partners, we can guarantee the absolute success of any task we undertake. Our objectives are long-ranged, and are designed to insure Westech Security Service ,Inc. continued success as a viable, leading contender in all our fields of endeavor. Please contact us for additional information or a no-obligation assessment of your present situation.

In our current climate, can you afford NOT to have protective services, security services or executive protection?

Located at LaGuardia Airport in New York, Westech Security Service, Inc. approaches your security and corporate service needs by providing the best solution for the situation. MPSI Security, Inc. has the years of experience in security services as well as corporate and executive protection services required to design the perfect system to meet and exceed your requirements.

Our elite security personnel are current and former law enforcement officers from various law enforcement agencies such as NYPD, FBI, DOD and US Marshall Service. These seasoned professionals are trained in all aspects of security and have passed strenuous security clearances in their professions.

Acting today can protect you tomorrow. Call 800.458.4705 for a custom-designed solution today.

Westech Security Service, Inc. offers custom-designed protective and executive security services:

Security Officers | Mobile Patrols | Facility Electronic Security Systems | Background Intelligence Checks | Executive Protection | Shopping Service | Covert Operations | Courier Services | Process Services \ Burglar Alarms | Access Controls systems | CCTV's
All security and corporate services are custom-designed, cost effective programs to suit your needs!

To achieve a preeminent position in the security industry the following services are provided:

Bonded - Licensed by New York State Dept of State - Fully Insured

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